O Ka ʻĀina Summer Camp

O Ka ʻĀina Summer Camp involves Native Hawaiian youth in  the design practices inherent in fishing traditions including the development of traditional fishing gear (designing rock walls, nets, hooks, fishing poles, scalers, etc), how fishing practices influence cultural arts.  Creating related design/art projects.  Funded by the Hawaiʻi Fish Trust and Conservation International this program has provided learning opportunities for the past four years.  

The first year the camp was run by volunteer community members and meals and supplies were provided by family members.  In 2011 O Ka ʻĀina received funding from Hawaiʻi Fish Trust and opened up its program to more children.  Each year the camp has grown with a waiting list.  

View O Ka 'Āina Blog to see the happenings at this yearʻs camp.  CLICK HERE



For the last two years Kamaʻaha Education Initiative has supported Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo to complete its Self-Study and prepare for its Accreditation Site Visit in March 2014.  In June 2014 Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo received notice that it had successfully acquired a six year accreditation with a third year visit.  Kamaʻaha is proud of the role it played in facilitating this process at Ka ʻUmeke.  Currently Kamaʻaha is working with Ka ʻUmeke to operationalize and successfully achieve itʻs action plan.  



The Stanford is a design hub for innovators.  Kamaʻaha staff have taken the Crash Course in Design Thinking and are sharing that online course with educators in order to help prepare a generation of students to solve the unforeseen challenges of their times.  Next training will be held in February 2014.  






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