Hawaiʻi Revised Statute 302B-1 defines the Local School Board as...

"the autonomous governing body of a charter school that receives the charter and is responsible for the financial and academic

viability of the charter school, implementation of the charter, and the independent authority to determine the organization and

management of the school, the curriculum, virtual education, and compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and that has the

power to negotiate supplemental collective bargaining agreements with exclusive representatives of their employees." 

The same Hawaiʻi Revised Statute 302B-7 also defines the makeup of the local school board as needing to have at least one

representative from each of the following groups:

  • the principal
  • teachers
  • support staff
  • parents of students at the school
  • the student body, and
  • the community at large


Aaron Kilohana Hirono

Community Representative

Board President

Kaʻaka Swain

Kumu Representative - Pa Hoaka Learning Site

Board Vice President


Community Representative


Leinaʻala Thornton

Hui ʻOhana Representative


Olani Lilly

Poʻokumu (Non-voting member)

Damien Onaona Trask

Kumu Representative – Keaukaha Elementary School Learning Site

Laura Acasio

Community Representative

Kuʻuipo Hayes

Operational Staff Representative

Lima Naipo

ʻOhana Representative - Pa Hoaka Learning Site


ʻOhana Representative – Keaukaha Elementary School Learning Site

Herring Kalua

Community Representative


Contact by email at LSB@kaumeke.net or 808-961-0470



Ka ʻUmeke has had two Poʻokumu and one interim Poʻokumu over the last thirteen years.  Each of them brought their different strengths to Ka ʻUmeke and have helped shaped the school to what it is today.  For school year 2015-2016 the Governing Board hired Olani Lilly as Poʻokumu. 

After two years of working with Ka ʻUmeke staff to create an educational vision and strategic action plan through the accreditation process, I am committed to making this vision a reality.  Ka ʻUmeke is at a critical stage in its history as it faces several major challenges in the area of enrollment, facilities and a waning confidence in its educational program.  While these challenges may seem daunting, in the last several weeks staff have articulated a sense of hope and a willingness to do the work necessary to make a successful change for Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo.  

 In the last year, Ka ʻUmeke has been engaging in a change process defined by the strategic plan.  We have the parts of the change framework, and I propose we continue to build a successful change management process and take difficult and critical steps for Ka ʻUmeke to reach its goals.  Ka ʻUmeke staff understands the urgency and the need to make significant changes.  Utilizing the data collected by the Continuous School Improvement process and the establishment of Ka ʻUmekeʻs leadership team we can communicate the schoolʻs educational vision and empower action from every part of our learning ʻohana.  

Olani is married to Kealiʻi Lilly and is Kukuipahu and Iʻiʻs mom.  She is originally from Kāneʻohe.  


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