ʻOhana Night

Ka ʻUmeke will share the most up to date student learning data and the strategies we are introducing to address our challenges and sustain our successes.  During the second part of the night ʻohana will have an opportunity to choose to attend one of two workshops.  Both of these workshops are geared to provide ʻohana more information to support learning at home.  Please register by checking one of the boxes below for the workshop  you are interested in learning more about.  


Papakū Makawalu Workshop School-wide implementation of Papakū Makawalu at Ka

ʻUmeke Kāʻeo began four years ago. This educational rearing methodology is one of the

ways in which we are innovating education. If you attended our ʻohana night earlier this

year, you will recall our presentation on our Papakū Makawalu Competency Assessment

that is changing the way we approach and utilize assessments. This workshop will be an

introduction to Papakū Makawalu through active participation in some of the lessons 

and reinforcement activities that your keiki experience in their classrooms. 


ʻOhana Math Strategies Workshop In this age of common core and "new math" has left a 

disconnect between school and home in the math department.  Ka ʻUmeke is currently working with 

teachers and of course we must include parents in supporting keiki in learning math the number 

sense way.  Number sense is a way of seeing numbers so that understanding of how they fit 

together is clear and keiki can effectively use numbers in their everyday life.  This workshop will 

provide a synopsis of the "new math" and specific strategies and activities you can do with your

keiki at home to help develop and strengthen their number sense.

December 05, 2015 at 6pm - 7pm
Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo Pā Hoaka Campus
Olani Lilly ·

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