ʻAimalama E Mauliauhonua

Indigenous peoples have been surviving and adapting to their environments for many generations, and have accumulated valuable empirical data that has informed and guided the adaptations necessary to survive.

ʻAimalama E Mauliauhonua focuses on the use of the Kaulana Mahina methodology as a place-based, environmental literacy practice. Lunar practices are fundamentally based on ancient wisdom that predates the migrations of the Pacific peoples, traveled with our ancestors in the settlement of these islands, and guided them efficiently through their daily activities and facilitated adaptation to new or changing environments.

These practices have allowed Pacific peoples to be resilient, and provide a community-based approach to ensuring healthier, resilient, and sustainable resources for the entire watershed including nearshore marine ecosystems.

Based largely on practices affiliated with moon cycles, seasonal observations, and the data collected by generations of observers in order to optimize the outcome of their efforts, ʻAimalama E Mauliauhonua emulates correlations made between moon phases traditionally and translates this knowledge in these modern times as it relates to our changing climate.

ʻAimalama E Mauliauhonua seeks to provide the Hawaiʻi community with tools to track environmental changes occurring in their wahi by providing training and workshops to be active kilo (environmental observers and forecasters), and create a baseline of practitioners who will ~

1. strengthen their bonds to each other through collaborative exploration

2. commit to transmitting this information to the communities they serve through activities hosted at their project sites, and

3. begin the process of identifying crucial factors and elements to be included in an app platform specific to their wahi

Individual project sites will ultimately serve as repositories of this community created and controlled environmental information.

Current two workshops have been conducted one on Oʻahu and the other on Kauaʻi.  In September of 2017 a Maui workshop is being planned.  

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